Thursday, April 11, 2013

30 days of videos: Day 1

So its been a long time since I posted anything on the blog.  Part of this is caution: I don't want to say something inadvertently offensive, and it seems there are a lot of very uptight people that just need to relax.  Besides, if I'm going to offend someone, I mean to do it intentionally!

Another reason for the delay is just that "meh" feeling in life.  I work, workout, try to develop friendships/relationships... and time just flies by.  I have been trying to read more, trying to be more grateful for the blessings I have in my life, trying to express that gratitude to those who let me be part of their lives, and trying to come to grips with what I want to achieve with my life.  (You know, the same things everyone struggles with, regardless of marital status, children, job, etc.).

So here's something I've decided to do.  I'm going to post cheesy/inspirational/what?!? videos for 30 days.  If you want, you can watch them too.  I invite you to come with me on this adventure into my thoughts.

Day 1

Today's clip comes from Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.  This is actually the only Fast and Furious movie I haven't watched all of, but Han's a smart guy.

"Its trust and character I need around me.  Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are."

"Life's simple: you make choices and you don't look back."

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Physcokity said...

Have you ever been to the outer banks midsingles weekend in May?