Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Utah

My buddy Dave and I decided to head back to Provo, UT, for the BYU homecoming game a week ago.  I had been back to Utah since leaving 5 years ago - once for a quick family reunion in Park City, once to run the St. George marathon - but hadn't had much time for just hanging out, wandering around, doing fun things that I used to do.  Certainly not time for a BYU game at the Lavell Edwards Stadium.

So I flew in Thursday morning, drove around SLC for a bit, and went to lunch with some friends from L-3 I hadn't seen in forever.  Then I went hiking over by Lone Peak, but kept getting lost in the foothills before the true ascension began.  Someday... maybe.  But it did provide great views of the Draper temple.

I hung around with my sister Staci, taking her out for hot cocoa, dinner, and some groceries.  I also met up with Shanno Smith.  We drove up Mill Creek canyon in SLC.  I had been worried I wouldn't see any pretty leaves in Utah, but Shanno delivered, and Mill Creek was gorgeous.

Then I drove up Parley's to Park City, and past Kamas into the Uintas a bit, but some heavy rain made me say "Why am I doing this?" and turn around to go back to Provo.  Heber looked like it hadn't changed a bit since I last saw it 4 years ago.

I went to the BYU alumni center thinking they'd give me the inside scoop on Homecoming alumni activities - completely unhelpful.  They might get an email/letter sometime soon about the level of disappointment I feel.  Then I went and said "Hi" to Professor (Megan) Oka, who I hometaught at BYU a long time ago, and who was with me in Lubbock getting her PhD.

Saturday was the game, and I spent the day wandering around BYU with Dave and his family.  We had amazing seats, and BYU played well through 3 quarters and a bit.  Being back there was a blast.  I went to dinner with Dave's family (Staci was on a date at the same restaurant - it was pretty funny), made a quick run over to Diego's Tacos, saw Josh and Erica Redding, and Saturday was over.

Sunday I woke up, checked outta my hotel, met Staci for church, said hi to my friend Kirtley, then went up the Alpine loop until the witching time, and I had to head back.  Dropped my sister off, told her not to be too promiscuous, and took off for the airport.

All told, a great trip.  Got to see friends, had time to bum around in Utah, breath the clear mountain air, see beautiful fall leaves, and realize how much I still love Utah.

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